I Am FAITHFUL that this organization will cultivate people to be the FACE generation of tomorrow as we make an IMPACT today. - Tashee Singleton
Chief Financial Officer

I Am a VISIONARY who saw the opportunity to create partnerships that would level the playing fields for ALL children to become activated, thrive and succeed in their educational pursuit. LGSx is my passion realized!

– Robbie Branscomb
Chief Executive Officer

I Am ZEALOUS about mentoring young at-risk girls and encouraging all children to tap into their creativity and imagination, and explore the infinite possibilities of their potential to make an IMPACT today. - Leshan A. Ferguson
Chief Education Officer

What is Let’s Grow STEAMx?

A community supported platform which delivers exciting experiences based on the STEAM disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and math for Pre-K thru 12 students. Our platform host a variety of engaging and relevant events to include: educational challenges, a youth career expo/college fair, career readiness activities, racer clinics and a community soap box derby race.

Our mission can only be realized with the continued support of community organizations and businesses.

Our Vision

To activate generations of students and communities all around the world in discovering how to best utilize their most abundant resource– their imagination, thereby cultivating a love for life-long learning through participation in our competitive, travelling educational platforms, enrichment camps, curriculum and educational products.

Our Mission

To enrich, grow, and strengthen the offerings of education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math in an informal, fun, community atmosphere which activates greater depth of learning for participants.

Why Should You Support Let’s Grow STEAMx?

1. To close the skills gap Students are leaving school with a lower level of critical thinking skills. By exposing these students early, we have an opportunity to challenge these students to be creative thinkers from the start. Local businesses can pinpoint what education in action looks like.

2. Maximize your exposure More than 2,500 students and educators from 50+ elementary, middle, and high schools along with homeschoolers and private schools, attended the 2016 Expo (our very first expo), as did many of your potential business partners, clients, and competitors. As a sponsor, you create tremendous community goodwill and increase visibility.

3. Provide long-term support for our students Sponsorship pays dividends for students throughout the year. Your sponsorship goes toward providing in-depth learning opportunities for students through our hosted community events.