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I agree as (parent/guardian), hereby certify that my son/daughter/ward, entrant in the official Soap Box Derby Local Race being held in Columbus, Georgia, has read the above statement completed by my son/daughter/ward and know the facts stated therein to be true.

Furthermore, I hereby grant permission for my son/daughter/ward to enter the official River City Soap Box Derby Educational Race in Columbus, GA on June 8, 2019. Further, I understand and agree that the prerequisite to competing in the River City Soap Box Derby in Columbus, GA that my son/daughter/ward has been assigned a car and said car has undergone and passed inspection conducted in Columbus, GA by the River City Soap Box Derby, Inc. I further understand River City Soap Box Derby, Inc., in its sole discretion, to determine compliance with the rules, spirit and specifications applicable to that division and that the decision of the River City Soap Box Derby, Inc. and its officials regarding the qualification, disqualification, and compliance with the rules, spirit and specification applicable to that division shall be final and binding upon me, my son/daughter/ward, and all other parties.

Finally, I as such parent or guardian, in consideration of the benefits received as a result of the participation herein, and for the mutual benefits received by myself and my child and the other racers herein, hereby wave and release any and all claims, rights, causes of action, demands or otherwise, whether for personal injuries, property damage or any other loss, damages, or expenses, which I, as a parent or guardian and/or my son/daughter/ward have against River City Soap Box Derby, Inc., the First Energy All-American Soap Box Derby and/or any activities incidental or related thereto. I also agree to allow pictures of my child and his/her participation in the Soap Box Derby to be used in marketing material such as newsletters, websites, social media, etc. without compensation.