EarSketch: Engineering the Music

If you love music and interested in writing code, this video is for you. EarSketch, a program overseen by Georgia Institute of Technology, provides the opportunity to code musical beats similar to Garage Band or ProTools. Do you have what it takes?


Sabrina Grossman

Sabrina Grossman is a former high school biology teacher turned coder and curriculum designer aiming to use her classroom experience to create problem-based STEAM activities that challenge students’ critical thinking. She serves as a Program Director in Science Education at CEISMC/Georgia Tech managing STEAM projects and innovating on the use of EarSketch in the classroom

Danyelle Larkin

Danyelle Larkin is an Educational Outreach Manager I at the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) at Georgia Tech. She has run hundreds of outreach events for K-12 students and teachers and is currently pursuing a masters degree in education.