Let’s Grow STEAMx is truly a community effort.  Our children need the support of our schools, local businesses, community organizations, and caring individuals to #BeFutureReady!

We can all agree that 2020 and beyond have been a challenging time for Georgia students. That’s why we believe our role in the community is more important than ever before. Through our events, organizations like yours can assist in cultivating local and regional talent and strengthen our future workforce. More importantly, we will all work together to help students refocus, feel engaged, informed, and inspired about their next steps.

Together we can engage bright minds and strengthen communities throughout Georgia. Having your organization support the Youth College and Career Expo and the River City Race Program is a sound investment in youth and our future.

Supporters, Sponsors, and Exhibitors, please consider serving as a Mock Interviewer!  Your participation and experience will help prepare our youth for the real-world interviews they will encounter as they apply for summer jobs, internships, colleges or technical schools, and full-time employment. Reach out to us at to notify us of your mock interview participation.

Why should you support Let’s Grow STEAMx?

  1. Close the skills gap Students are leaving school with a lower level of critical thinking skills. By exposing these students early, we have an opportunity to challenge these students to be creative thinkers from the start. Local businesses can pinpoint what education in action looks like.
  2. Maximize your exposure More than 3,500 students and educators from 80+ elementary, middle, and high schools along with homeschoolers and private schools, attended the 2019 Expo, as did many of your potential business partners, clients, and competitors. As a sponsor, you create tremendous community goodwill and increase visibility.
  3. Provide long-term support for our students Sponsorship pays dividends for students throughout the year. Your sponsorship goes toward providing in-depth learning opportunities for students through our hosted community events.

Ready to Support