Let’s Grow STEAMx is committed to helping you develop the skills, connections, and support you need to create a productive, fulfilling, and passion-driven life.

How do we do that?  By providing you with opportunities and experiences that will enrich your life, expand your worldview, and help you to see the potential within yourself.  YOU have the power to change the world – and tapping into that power is what Let’s Grow STEAMx is here to help you do.

Let’s Grow STEAMx hosts two signature Programs

River City Race Program (RCRP) (Ages 7-17)

RCRP gives you the opportunity to drive a race car – that you build yourself!  Our soap box racers get down and dirty with their race cars, reverse-engineering them to understand how they’re built – and then put them back together to compete against each other in our Soap Box Derby! 

Youth College and Career Readiness Program (Ages 10-18)

Our College and Career Readiness Program aims to give you the resources to succeed in your educational and career endeavors, whether you go on to college, technical school, military, or into a career.