As parents and teachers ourselves, we at Let’s Grow STEAMx know how much you want your child or student to succeed in life.  That’s why we’re here – to support families and our local schools with additional opportunities that allow our children to build on what they’re learning in the classroom with real-world, community-based projects.

When our children are exposed to the possibilities and opportunities that await them, they are inspired to give back to their respective communities creating a positive cycle of involvement and paying it forward.

Let’s Grow STEAMx hosts two signature programs

River City Race Program (RCRP) (Ages 7-17)

RCRP gives students the chance to become real race car drivers – in cars that they build themselves!  Our soap box racers get up close and personal with their race cars, reverse-engineering them to understand how they’re built, and then putting them back together to compete against each other in our Soap Box Derby!

Youth College and Career Readiness Program (Ages 10-18)

Our College and Career Readiness Program provides students with the year-round resources they need to succeed in their educational and career endeavors, whether you go on to college, technical school, or into a career.

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our parents and educators!

Thank you for being a bright light in our children’s lives and in this community!
We are excited to work with you to create successful outcomes for your children.