Engineer Like Me

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Darron Lamkin

Darron Lamkin received a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2010 from Oklahoma State University. In 2012 and 2014, he completed Master of Science (MS) degrees in Industrial Engineering and Management and in Entrepreneurship, respectively. Currently, Darron is working towards a doctoral degree in Educational Technology with a research emphasis in Engineering Education and digital STEM Career Exploration.

Darron has interned and consulted with prestigious companies and currently works for The Boeing Company as a System Engineer/Project Engineer. In addition, he has received many academic, community and professional awards and recognitions. Upon completion of his doctoral degree, he plans to improve his after school program by adding curriculum and assessments to offer to other organizations that would like to promote and broaden the participation in the engineering workforce.

In 2010, Darron funded a non-profit organization called “Class Matters Inc.”. This Oklahoma-based nonprofit assists at-risk mid-high school students matriculate through school and transition into college with aspirations in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related studies.

In addition, Darron travels making presentations, hands-on STEM learning demonstrations, and sharing his life lessons and stories to high school students, first year experience college students, and others, in order to fulfill the vision of Class Matters to “empower our future, one teen at a time”. With this program, Darron desires to realize the mission “to develop future engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders who realize their potential and maximize the potential of others”. Darron uses his experience as a certified behavioral rehabilitation specialist to assist the youth and adult learners with short and long-term college-to-careers planning, credit repair, and character development. Darron is also certified engineering and aviation educator through PBS Oklahoma Educational Technology Association (OETA) and NASA. Superseding all of his academic, professional and community involvement, Darron is a family man as a husband, brother, uncle, son and proud father.