Expo to Host 3,000 Students

Let’s Grow STEAMx Expo to Host 3,000 Students.

Thousands Exposed to STEAM-related Careers, Activities, and Prizes; Receive Support from Local Businesses.

Three Thousand students. Three Thousand opportunities to inspire a child to reach their dreams; and more importantly, to give them an idea of how to get there. Three Thousand local area students will attend the 2nd annual Let’s Grow STEAMx College and Career Expo on Friday, November 17 from 8:30-2:30 at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center. But this isn’t just another expo. Three Thousand futures are at stake. That’s the effort that members of Let’s Grow STEAMx are putting into the event. 

Let’s Grow STEAMx is a relatively new organization, but in their short existence they have already made a huge impact. Their expo last year hosted 2,000 plus students with the help from over 100 community partners-you don’t get that type of help unless you’re making some serious moves. This past July, they organized the river city soap box derby. Prior to the derby, children of various ages and backgrounds filled local recreation centers to build derby cars, learn about physics (yes, physics) as well as science and technology. That’s the goal of Let’s Grow STEAMx – to create experiences that are just as motivational, educational and inspiring as they are fun. and it all ties in to the STEAM curriculum that is taught in schools across the world. 

The Let’s Grow STEAMx (an acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts, math and beyond) curriculum prepares students for what promises to be the most necessary and lucrative employment areas. However, with such a broad field of study, they need tangible examples. They need to see something that they could see themselves doing. They need to be inspired, then they need application for their inspiration. This, they will find at the expo. 

Let’s Grow STEAMx is taking the hands on approach. The expo will include several interactive activities, mock interviews, and the opportunity to build relationships with local businesses and business owners. Cutting edge technology will also be on display, promising to keep kids engaged. Mock Interviews will give older students, who are about to enter the workforce, valuable experience in preparing for their first job. Entrepreneurs will also be on hand to discuss how to create a job for yourself. The entire event will be extremely “edutaining”, both educational and entertaining. 

Seeing the obvious opportunity to groom our future workforce, several organizations and businesses are partnering with Let’s Grow STEAMx. A few on the list include Kodak, Charbroil, Visionary Solutions, Columbus State University, & Columbus Tech. You can also expect to see organizations such as Davis Broadcasting and the Columbus Consolidated Government. Mr. Isaiah Hughley, Columbus, GA City Manager, will serve as this year’s Expo Ambassador. 

Let’s Grow STEAMx recognizes the need for students in our area to realize their potential. More importantly, once this potential is realized, students must also realize how to apply it. With the help of community leaders and several community partners, The Let’s Grow STEAMx College and Career Expo is sure to plant seeds of inspiration in our area youth that will blossom into success. 

For more information about how your company or organization may become involved in support of the next Let’s Grow STEAMx College and Career Expo contact Robbie Branscomb, Let’s Grow STEAMx President/CEO at 706-577-3409 or info@letsgrowsteam.org. You may also visit our website, www.letsgrowsteam.org and like our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/LETSGROWSTEAM