So You Wanna Be an Engineer

NASA is pretty cool, right?  Can you imagine going to outer space?  Well space and aviation engineers make space travel a reality.  It takes thousands of hours to design all the pieces for successful space travel. Hear from engineers on their experiences in aviation and space engineering.


Emily Hilson
Project Engineer – Completions
GulfStream Aerospace Corporation

Emily supports the aircraft throughout the final phase before it is delivered to the customers with the beautiful interiors Gulfstream is known for! In her role as a Project Engineer, she manages each aircraft project to help ensure timely delivery along with leading engineering teams in the execution of these projects. She works closely with multiple areas of the organization, including the Operations teams who are outfitting each aircraft, to resolve problems and provide the link to engineering until the aircraft is delivered.

She holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. Emily serves her community through the local chapter of the Society for Women Engineers (SWE) and enjoys helping others realize their potential as future STEM professionals and leaders.

Whitney Holt
Product Development Team Lead – Lab Test
GulfStream Aerospace Corporation

Whitney supports the Lab Test organization with Testing strategy centered around design, build, and test for many of the current aircraft simulation testing labs and future testing needs for Gulfstream. The Lab Test organization supports 17 aircraft simulation labs for airplanes that support many programs. For example: G700, G600, G500, G650 and more. The goal of the testing is to facilitate aircraft design, build and test in order to obtain FAA certification for those programs. Imagine a VERY LARGE video game with a real flight deck, real aircraft equipment/systems, and screens to give you the visual cues that you are really flying; all without physically leaving the ground! That in a nutshell is a Simulation Lab built for engineers to test their designs. 

She holds a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M and an MBA from Georgia Southern University. She learned coding and modeling of aircraft systems through years of work experience.

Whitney is passionate about spreading the knowledge of STEM and serves her community for the past 10 years through the local chapter of the Society for Women Engineers (SWE).  She and the amazing SWE outreach team started Girls Engineer It Day, which is currently in its 10th year.  She hopes you all will attend and learn more about STEM!