Darron Lamkin

Meet Darron Lamkin, the visionary founder of “Class Matters, Inc.,” an esteemed Oklahoma-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering at-risk mid-high school students in their journey towards graduating and excelling in STEM-related fields. With a resolute mission to cultivate future engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders, Darron’s impactful presentations and hands-on STEM demos engage students nationwide.

By day, he excels as a System Engineer/Project Engineer at The Boeing Company. Darron holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering and Management, and Entrepreneurship. As a certified educator, he earned a doctoral degree in Educational Technology, specializing in Engineering Education and digital STEM Career Exploration.

Beyond his accolades, Darron cherishes his role as a devoted family man – a loving husband, brother, uncle, son, and proud father. Embodying excellence and commitment, Darron Lamkin stands as a beacon of inspiration, shaping the future one teen at a time.