Georgia Tech Presents Science of Toys: Fidget Spinners

Did you ever wonder how some toys worked? Maybe, why some last longer than others? Check in with Georgia Tech as their scientist explains the inner workings of Fidget Spinners.


Jack Wood

Jack Wood is a physicist working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. He received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He spends about half of his time working with lasers and optics. He designs optical instruments such as telescopes and microscopes. He also measures the properties of laser beams and uses lasers to create 3-dimensional maps of the ground and pollution in the air.

Mr. Wood spends the other half of his time getting K-12 students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. He works with a state-funded program called STEM@GTRI to present science demonstrations, lead teacher training seminars, and coordinate science festivals around the state. Although virtual content is an increasingly important way to impact large numbers of students, Mr. Wood believes that there is no substitute for letting students get their hands on real engineering equipment and experience interesting scientific principles.